Producing user-friendly manuals and illustrations for all

Developing manuals is the result of a carefully planned process that requires the right team of specialists such as technical writers, editors, project managers, and illustrators to work together in order to create manuals that are easy-to-follow, clear, and concise for the target audience.

A high-quality documentation produces a consistent image with your company’s brand, service, and message. By allowing your audience to have an accurate understanding of the materials that you provide, it will not only ensure the safety of the user but also allows you to save costs internally.

Technical Writing

Developing accurate documentation requires an experienced technical writer familiar with the industry and knowledge of the appropriate language used. All members of our team are experienced,JTCA certified professionals with Chinese and Japanese language writing capabilities.

Industries we specialize in:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Construction Equipment
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication
  • OEM
  • IT
  • And more

Pre-planning / Consulting

We will work together with your team to understand the scope of the project. We will offer:

Suggestions in regards to media, formats, and concepts utilizing the best practices applied in your industry

And feedback to existing documentation followed by a customized plan outlining steps for implementation

Technical Illustrations

Sometimes when the right wordings aren’t enough. Most of us revert to visual representations to have a better comprehension of a manual’s instructions.

Whether we are working on a chosen selection of blueprints, photographs, or 2-D/3-D CAD files; our team can effectively deliver clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand illustrations to reach to your intended audience regardless of the industry you’re in. Learn more about our content creation capabilities here.

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